How it works

Here are the videos that describe how the Manage My Plan portals work. 

Thank you so much for taking an interest in this platform. Here are the training videos which explains how to use these the portals.

Welcome to the home user portal. Enjoy. 

Karen Burgess

Director, Manage My Plan

Welcome to the provider protal. Enjoy. 

Karen Burgess

Director , Manage My Plan

Welcome to the Home User Portal.

Welcome to the Provider Portal 

Welcome to the Staff Portal

The Subscriptions

You can purchase available subscriptions which meet your needs and budget. You can pay for monthly or yearly subscriptions. This software is designed with the NDIA user in mind.

Standard Package

The standard package providers you with an easy to use the platform to simply manage your NDIS funding. It gives you access to manage 2 staff and 2 providers on the platform. It keeps all your records together and there is a simple to use the messaging system. Very Easy and simple to use.

Premium Package

This package is for the participant & their circle of support. It gives you everything you will need to manage your NDIA package. Link with your PayPal account and pay invoices. This package includes 1:1 support and links to a range of supports who can offer help. 

The Business Package

This is designed for your NDIS sole trader and small provider. Made for the smaller operator in mind, this provides a simple to use an online system which allows you to manage your small business. No big IT systems to learn and connects easily with a PayPal system to pay all invoices. 

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