What is Manage My Plan?

Manage My Plan (MMP) is a complete, cloud-based NDIS client management platform that offers full control over appointments, payments, communication and more.

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Making NDIS Easy

Manage My Plan is a unique, leading edge platform that facilitates a seamless relationship between service providers and clients while managing NDIS plans. By streamlining the management of NDIS funding, Manage My Plan aims to enhance the user’s quality of life – allowing them more time to do the things they love.

More time on what you love and less time thinking about NDIS!

Finally, and at the end of each plan, at a push of a button, all of the years’ work is compiled in to an easy to read report. Reporting this way, makes it easy to prepare for those review meetings. All the information is compiled into one easy to read report and you are ready to go.

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Manage My Plan offers a month free trial for first time users. If you are not completely happy with the system after one month, you pay nothing. If you like our product you can opt to pay for a monthly or annual subscription.

Why Manage My Plan?


Cost Effective

A cost-effective way for people to keep track of their NDIS funding


Self Managed

It allows users full control and enables them to keep all data in one area


Maximise Independence

This platform maximises people’s independence by reducing barriers and provides a way for users to take control of their lives.


NDIS Compliant

Downloadable reports provide the evidence NDIA requires for maintaining stated practices and adherence to internal policies.

We want you to spend more time living

Take Control

Take charge of your own appointments, invoicing, staffing, rostering and manage your plan your way.


Keep Track

Track and manage payments, invoices, staff documents, service providers.

Manage Service Providers

Create staff rosters, track their hours as well as log them on and off.

Safe in the Cloud

Being a cloud-based service all your information is centralised.  It will never be lost or missed!

Helping people with a disability and their families simply manage and maintain compliance of the NDIS plan

Security, simplicity, independence, control, long-term service providers, accountability, compliance, quality of life, peace of mind, disability support, communication, credibility, accurate reporting.

Making NDIS Easy

Manage My Plan Features

Staff Time Tracker

When staff start the shift, they need to start a timer to record the length of each shift. If the staff log off early, this is registered, and invoices can be clearly checked. This means staff invoices are accurate and hours can be easily calculated.


The calendar helps to ensure staff shifts and appointments are clearly recorded. Everyone on the team can see the appointments and what needs to be done. 

Client to Provider Portal

You can connect to your service providers with your own portal. This direct communication means you can collect and save all of your own information for NDIS compliance and reporting. You are in control of your own information.

Staff Portal

Do you worry you will disturb staff on their days off? You can send private messages to your staff and they will get notification when they log back in. Keep all these messages as a record of the work you are doing with your staff to report to NDIS.

Group Messages

Do you have a shift you need to be filled? No one has time to ring everyone on the team to find if someone is available. Send out a group message and the staff can log the shift if they are free. This is much easier then ringing all your staff individually.

Progress Notes

Your staff can clearly record the progress for reporting. Keep track of your goals and your funding through clear reporting.

Staff Notice Boards

Allows messages for the whole team.

End of Plan Reporting

At a push of a button the years records are compiled in a easy to ready report for the NDIS review meeting. This helps to track the funding and provide concise information for future planning.

Helping Service Providers simply manage and maintain compliance of NDIS delivery to clients.

Simple business processes, streamlined communication, calendar management, referral business, compliance, upskilling, ongoing support, credibility, relationships, job security, lower administration, trust, training.

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