Manage My Plan

Manage My Plan (MMP) is a complete online management platform designed to make managing NDIS packages easy. 

This allows people with disabilities to be in control of their own NDIS plan. It supports people managing their own lives. 

What Can Manage My Plan Do?

Staff and Provider Profiles

Keep all your staff records together in folders on your platform. You can keep copies of staff qualifications and licenses. 

Calendar Appointments and Rostering

Use Manage My Plan for appointments and rosters. Once you create a shift or appointment, the worker is sent an invitation to accept the shift. No more phoning around to find the staff to do the shift. Easy to read notifications are easy to manage.


Support Ticket

Are you getting stuck with your NDIS plan? Not sure what to do?  An internal Support Ticket allows you to connect with someone who can independently assess your concerns and provide you with support. This is part of your subscription.

Internal Communication

There is an internal message system between you and your workers and providers. You can send documents and send messages. All of this information can be downloaded with ease. 


Progress Notes

Your staff and providers when they log of will be prompted to provide a progress note for the shift. These records are kept in order and can be downloaded at a press of a button in an easy to read PDF document for your review meeting. These progress notes also have privacy settings.

Pay Invoices Easily

You can connect PayPal and you will be able to pay your worker and provider invoices through the platform. Everything can be done on the one easy to use system. 

Files Saved

Save and create files to keep all of your own records and information. You keep and store all of your own assessments and reports. 



Networking and Marketing

Connect with others through the broader NDIS and Disability community. Facebook groups connect you to other Providers, Support Coordinators, Advocates, Qualified Workers and Disability Worker Training.

Keep Up-to-Date

You won’t miss the changes from the NDIS sector and we will keep you fully informed with things that impact your NDIS plan. You will get updates through an internal messaging system.


Sticky Notes

Fun and Colourful online sticky notes allow you to send quick messages to all the team. Who has time for lots of notes to your team? You have a life to lead.  

Easy End of Plan Reporting

Easy end of plan reporting. download all the information in an easy to use Pdf file for your meeting with NDIS. Print information as evidence to report spending and achieved outcomes to NDIS. It has never been so easy. 


Time Tracker

This platform allows you to track the providers and workers time. An easy to use timer can be started to record actual hours the staff work. These hours can easily be converted into invoices which reduces the time your worker and provider spends on their own paperwork. 

Our vision is for people with disabilities to take charge, to be in control of their destiny, which is defining and designing their futures.

Karen Burgess Founder and Creative Director  @ Manage My Plan

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